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Web Site for the "Indian Science Congress Session 2018" is at Link:
Provisional Information on ISC105-at-Osmania University-Hyderabad

Construction began on 20th December 2017                                                      

ISC105-POSTPONED INDEFINITELY BY I.S.C.A. : Jump to  A Press-Release  display !

Link at ISC105 web site for press release:-->



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ANNOUNCEMENT in the ISC105 website Front Page as on the 31st Dec.2017

New105th ISC will be held at Manipur Central University, Imphal during the month of March, 2018. | The registration fee all types of delegates will be refunded directly to their respective accounts at the earliest.


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Download Link for PDF document of FAMA2018 at BHC, Trichy:   Conferences-FAMA2018.pdf

Link:- PPT file for Plenary Lecture-2: fama2018-PPT-file-3.ppt

Click on each of the 3 images in this Table to view in actual size

Images of the situation corresponding to visualiztion of iterative seqquences on the
right hand side:transition after about 1 sec display of each image (Show-looping)

Visualization: gif movie "Construction set" for each value distance of separation:distance
increases.from top towards bottom:Top:5 images-Middle:5-and, Bottom:8

Link:- PPT file for Plenary Lecture-2: fama2018-PPT-file-3.ppt   Above illustartion is from content of slide#8 of the ppt file

A document for further reading

The GIF Construction set animation movie is added on 08-JAN-2018 while at CHENNAI

The movie below is in gif image format made from set of 60 images;
all gif format and dhe imaheimension width 12cm and height; GIF Construction Set
software was used to make this animated image sequence; each image is set to be on display
for a minimum 10secs before transition to next frame image; depending on the contents
of any particular image frame the time for display may be more tan 10secs, upto 30secs;
The total time of this movie show is maximum 30 minutes.

URL Link for down loading this movie:

NOTE: After the movie, this show loops back to first frame and begins next show
This show loops indefinitely.
There are oversights in spellings, in the textual descriptions in the FRAMES..please bear with these...


Photo at FAMA2018 with faculty BHC

6 pictures from the FAMA2018 event-display time for each picture 10secs-six pics in loop.