Scope of Teaching and Research of Dr. S. Aravamudhan

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HOTLINK:URL-->  INTRODUCING Nuclear Magnetic Resonance: in Schools & Colleges
HOTLINK:URL-->  Shapes - Curves - Orbital - Plots
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Description of how "Molecules to Materials" began....

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                                                      At Smaller Distance Ranges
LHS below Material Fragmented into Volume Elements
RHS below a Molecule and its Fragments

Better validity of Point Dipole Approximation
View of possible electron charge clouds in bonded region
Within a bonded region how charge cloud can be divided into volume elements

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Ph.D., Thesis, 1974
The thesis of Dr.S.Aravamudhan is documented at the website of DIGITAL LIBRARY OF INDIA

LINK:-  DOWNLOAD   from Digital Library of India  for the thesis of DR.S.Aravamudhan

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