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Copy of final draft of manuscript of Paper and  a pdf copy of the Paper
Published in Indian Journal of Physics,Vol.79(9), p 985-989 (2005)
CMDAYS 2011, Gauhati University, Aug 24-26,2011

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CMDAYS2011_GU Held in Gauhati University, Gauhati
Organized by the Department of Physics Aug. 24-26, 2011

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This Web Page is for the occasion of Participation of S.Aravamudhan at CMDAYS 2011.
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CMDAYS 2011, Gauhati University, Aug.24-26, 2011CLICK HERE  to display CMDAYS HOMEPAGE.

Material related to the cmdays2011 presentation is included
in Abstract submitted to  ISC2012  as in webpage:

WebPosting of the contents of Table below: On 26th August 2011 at Guwahati

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Link1:  "Quantum Mechanics: The Key to Understanding Magnetism"--J. H. Van Vleck

Link2: "The microscopic magnetization: concept and application"--L. L. Hirst

Link3: "The Micro-Macro Paradox in Induced Fields and the Role of HR Solid State NMR"--S.Aravamudhan


Link5: "Bulk solid specimen shape dependencesin the molecular, chemical-shift tensor determinations"--S.Aravamudhan

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Sat, July 9, 2011 2:09:40 PM

Re: CMDays2011

CMDAYS2011 Workshop
Dear Dr. Aravamudhan,
Your paper "When a Magnetic Moment is Subdivided, do the Fragmented Moments Interact with Each Other?" has been accepted for presentation.
Please confirm your participation.

M P C Kalita
Secretary, CM Days2011

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WebPosting on 26th Auguat 2011 at Guwahati

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Program schedule for CMDays2011 to be held in Gauhati University during 24-26, August,2011:

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To cmdays2011 CMDAYS11 Gauhati, Sankarampadi ARAVAMUDHAN, S ARAVAMUDHAN From: S ARAVAMUDHAN
Sent: 23 June 2011 11:21AM
To: cmdays2011 CMDAYS11Gauhati
1 attachment (33.9 KB)
Download Abstract_cmdays11_SA.pdf(33.9 KB)
To Convener-CMDAYS2011
Dr. Deepali Sarkar
I have earlier by an email message conveyed my Registration Particulars for participation in CMDAYS11: and that I would be submitting my abstract. Thanks for the reply on receiving the Registration Fee.
And, hereby I send the Abstract for consideration. Find attached Abstract_cmdays11_SA.pdf


The PowerPoint Presentation File consisting of the Materials used for the
ORAL Presentation:- Download LINK here of the file further modified after the presentation.

Link provided on Sept.27, 2011

When A Magnetic Moment Is Subdivided, Do The Fragmented Moments Interact Among Themselves?

S. Aravamudhan

It has been possible to improve the validity of point dipole approximation by appropriately subdividing the magnetic moment of a magnetized material to calculate the induced fields within the material and calculate the demagnetization factors by a convenient summation procedure (1). Subdividing has to be in such a way that the vectorial addition of the fragmented moments yields the total magnetic moment value to account for the entire extent of the material content. This is followed by distributing the subdivided moments over the entire sample. In such a case will there be an interaction among the fragments? This would entail accounting for induced fields at every fragment due to the all the other fragments; and, also the corresponding interaction energy. One way to explain this process is to uphold that the subdivision is only hypothetical, and the boundaries between fragments are not real but only a mathematical convenience. On the other hand, the demagnetization factor by a summation procedure is possible only by this subdivision necessarily and the demagnetization factors obtained have physical significance. Hence it seems it has more basis to be inquiring whether a subdivision of this kind (which results in a physical quantity much closer to true value) must be so occurring that the interaction of a fragmented and distributed moment with all the other fragments must cancel out. A procedure to calculate such induced field values at a fragment would be reported and discussed for the above perspective.

References: 1. Proceedings of the 96th Indian Science Congress, 2009;
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Material related to the cmdays2011 presentation is included
in Abstract submitted to  ISC2012  as in webpage:


Date: Wed, 22 Jun 2011 07:57:46 +0530
Subject: Re:,
Thanks for the registration fee. But the abstract deadline is over. However, you may send it by tomorrow.
Deepali Sarkar

Convener CMDAYS2011, Gauhati

Dear Dr. Deepali Sarkar,
Find my Registration particulars of CMDAYS2011 at this link I have paid the Registration FEE of Rs.500/- as per the attached particulars. I shall be submitting the Abstract during the next week. Thanks.

Transaction Details

Reference No.IT24755945
Debit Account Number: 00000010613644639
Remarks: CMDAYS11 RegnFee SA
Transaction Date: 21-Jun-2011
Amount: INR 500.00
Status: Success
Reason: Completed Successfully

The above details were enclosed within this table column on 26th August 2011 at GUWAHATI

Receipt received at CMDAYS2011 venue Registration desk
RECEIPT for the Registration Fee