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100th ISC Calcutta-IBS2013 Mumbai-CRSI2013-Varanasi-ICETCS2013-Gandhinagar

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100th ISC 2013/Calcutta University/3rd to 7th Jan.2013

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RESubmission_Abstract_FullPaper_ISC2013          Submission_Abstract_FullPaper_ISC2013          isc100_Abstract & FullPaper_Aravamudhan

Account Statement and receipts received for payments

Registration (Prepaid) Receipt
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Account Statement received from 100th ISC Secreatariat
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Assigned as Chairman for the Session "Oral Presentations" by the Sectional President, Chemical Sciences: received the following Token Presentation for Chairing the Session

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IBS2013/MumbaiUniversity/13th to 16th Jan.2013

E-Abstract Book-IBS2013

IBS2013-Certificate of Participation

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CRSI2013/7th RSC on 31st Jan. 2013
and NSC15 from 1st to 3rd Feb.2013

Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi

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The phtographs below posted on 3rd Feb 2013 at Varanasi
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Participated in the RSC Events at NCL Pune

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ICETCS2013/14-15th March 2013
Central University of Gujarat, Gandhinagar, GUJARAT

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the University website is at URL: http://www.cug.ac.in/
the University-ICETCS2013 website is at URL: http://www.cug.ac.in/ICETCS2013/

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 In  Programme ICETCS2013
the University website is at URL: http://www.cug.ac.in/

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Above: facsimile of Abstract book front cover                               facsimile of Abstract-page                       

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This column added on 24th April 2013, at NEHU Shillong

Contents of the invited lecture have been made available below for download.
This link displays the directory icetcs-cug2013  which in turn holds 4-subdirectories.
Below each one of these 4-subdirectories are given an explicit link:
1.   0-1-Dipole-Moment
2.   0-2-Specific-Water-interct-Amino
3.   0-3-HydroniumIon
4.   0-4-ChiralDescrimination
These directories contain a powerpoint presentation file which is to be displayed. The remaining files in the folder are displayable as hyperlinks during the "show" of ppt files.
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The contents of the presentation files at links 1-3 above have been described in 22 pages (poster dispaly at  CRSI2011-13NSC  and can be downloaded as pdf files from link  HERE .The Contents of presentation file at link 4 above have been  displayed  in the  
9 poster-sheets  at the   CRSI2013-15NSC.
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Link for ebook (flip-book) of PROCEEDINGS VOLUME of ICETCS2013  http://online.anyflip.com/ddoa/gcyv/

Rio de Janeirio RJ, Brazil

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Postings on this event started: 1st April 2013

Calculating Intra-molecular Proton Shielding Tensors
Using Magnetic Dipole model; Possible Procedures and Prerequisits

Department of Chemistry, North Eastern Hill University
Shillong 793022 Meghalaya; INDIA

    The necessity for trying to calculate the intra molecular proton shielding tensor has been enumerated in the introduction by this author(1). A feasibility study has been reported (2) at the ISMAR-CA�98. Those results indicated that it seemed possible to obtain results which can be compared with experimental values for the case of the peripheral proton in the benzene ring, However, at that time, no comparison with QM calculations were made though the comparison with experimental results on aromatic protons was reported. Moreover, the contribution of the C-H bond susceptibility to the proton bonded to that carbon could not be used for reasons of reasonable validity of the point dipole approximation. The effort to apply the magnetic dipole model for the calculation of demagnetization factors (3) proved that depending on the parameters used for fragmenting a susceptibility tensor, the point dipole approximation could become valid better even at much closer proximity to the proton location (4). Thus, the possibility of using this model for details could be envisaged typically for the case of benzene molecule (5). In the present contribution, the results obtained earlier (2) could be improved, and a comparison of the results of the use magnetic dipole model could be compared also with the QM calculations of Shielding Tensors. In addition as envisaged in (4) and (5) the C-H bond contribution to the shielding of the attached proton could also be added for inclusion instead of trying to use a value derived from QM calculations on ethylene proton. These results would be discussed in view of the necessary further improvements. Such efforts might eventually provide an explanation to the remark made earlier (6) about the atom and bond susceptibility tensors obtained from the very same set of Molecular Susceptibility values.
        (1)  http://saravamudhan.tripod.com/index.html
        (2)  http://saravamudhan.tripod.com/id2.html
        (3)  http://saravamudhan.tripod.com/id4.html
        (4)  http://saravamudhan.tripod.com/id6.html
        (5)  http://saravamudhan.tripod.com/id3.html
        (6)  On page-682,at the end of first column by W.H.Flygare,Chemical Reviews, Vol.74, page-653(1974).

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as on 14th May 2013....
Due to personal reasons, I did not proceed to complete the Registration for making the presentation at the venue of the ISMAR2013, even after considerate, timely reminders from the organizing committee. I sincerely thank the organizers for accepting the materials of the abstract for presentation, and I regret that I could not avail this occasion of ISMAR2013. I have made a sketchy collection of the present results which are to have been put up in the poster at Rio dejeneiro, RJ, Brazil, and related materials .
Inserted while on Camping at Home Town: MADRAS

...as on 12th Jan. 2014
The Contents on above topic have been included for the presentation at the 101st Indian Science Congress Session-2014 at Jammu University, JAMMU (to be held during Feb 3-7, 2014) with additional results included which could be obtained during the time preceeding this ISC2014. The corresponding presentation file can be downloaded from link ---->:     http://www.ugc-inno-nehu.com/isc2014-venue.ppt
Inserted while at CUG, Gandhi Nagar, Gujarat

The contents of files (Hotlinks) below can demonstarte the trends as implied in the submitted abstract. The results of the present calculations are given in few sheets without much comments. Description of such nature would enlist what the furure course of investigations to clarify what is not evident as much as the Flygare's observation in Reference 6 in the abstract. nevertheless, it is significant improvement and encouraging trend for the possibility of calculating intra molecular shielding tensors by the magnetic dipole model. Obviously the point is to secure adequately convincing set of susceptibility tensor values for the molecule as a whole and for the fragments (groups/bonds) in the molecules.Most of the introductory materails are from the internet documentation of this author referred to in the abstract for ismar 2013.

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First National Conference on


for Full Article:    http://nehuacin.tripod.com/AOP2013-full-article.pdf
for Presentation File:    http://nehuacin.tripod.com/aop-SA.ppt