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Copy of final draft of manuscript of Paper and  a pdf copy of the Paper
Published in Indian Journal of Physics,Vol.79(9), p 985-989 (2005)
CMDAYS 2011, Gauhati University, Aug 24-26,2011

WMBS-I at NEHU , Shillong, 2010
WMBS-II at MZU , Aizawl, 2012

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47th World Chemistry Congress 2019.

In the events this year 2019, the predominant subject matter is the calculation of susceptibility tensor
using the calculated shielding tensor and magnetic dipole model for calculating induced secondary field.
This Power Point file below ( embedded on 25th July 2019) is for providing details related to the various perspectives

  106th Indian Science Congress Session -year2019

Badge for ISC106 on Right -- 2nd Jan 2019

ON Page #38 of the list find L13931
L13931 Aravamudhan Sankarampadi , Ph.D.,Professor Emeritus,Dept. of Chemistry,N.E.H.U.,Shillong,793022,MEGHALAYA
The above list of members is a zip file at ISCA Website : Link to science congress site of ISCA


ISC106 - Abstract -Full Paper

ISC106-lpu- Program Schedule
ISC106 -lpu-Chemical Sciences Program

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A Powerpoint Presentation File for
Reporting the Results of the Study at the ISC106 venue

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  ICSS2019 -at RIE, Bhopal
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Link to Display the brochure of the ICSS2019 at RIE BHOPAL Feb 6-8,2019 :
Conference Web Site:-

Click on image below to view full size

Rashmi Sharma & S.Aravamudhan
at RIE Bhopal station: 9thFeb2019

Poster viewing at 23rd NSC CRSI
IISER Bhopal - event-2018

Regional Institute of Education, NCERT, Bhopal

A facebook feature by Manjeet Yadav
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To cover this aspect in a limited 10 minutes time, Presentation materials can be Conveniently Laid out in a single Web Page and instead of having to transit slides and placing Hyperlinks in PPT files.
Such a simpler layout is being tried out for this presentation
This lay out can be seen at

You may click on the link below and find a CONTACT FORM.
Below is an illustration of how the form looks, but it cannot be used for sending messages
To use the form click on link below and find the active contact form to correspond.

Please send your opinion and suggestions on these to the author using the contact form displayable at the URL below

Click on link and download :-  Program Schedule

S. Aravamudhan Presentation on 6th Jan 2019 at the ICSS2019

Travel schedules
 After returning from the ICSS2019 at RIE, Bhopal,
the initiatives by Dr. Varaprasada Rao of Chemistry Department of PRGC, Kakinada indicated
that the trends discussed in the Conference are being substantiated.

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 ICICBES-2019 Arya P.G.College, Panipat
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Registration Form Contents

Abstract for the Conference

From Dr. Anil Kumar

Program Schedule: On 27th Feb. -Page-2 of Schedule-Find Invited Talk 3 by S.Aravamudhan

O.P. Singla. Auditorium ; ARAYA P.G. COLLEGE PANIPAT --Just a few minutes before Inauguration Session of ICICBES 2019


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 NEICSSR-Shillong-Year2019 SEMINAR

NEICSSR-Invite-International Seminar

NEICSSR Event postponed to May 20-22,2019


Registration FORM
Bank MT --Payment:Regn Fee

Submitted Full Paper Manuscript
The Presentation file


World Environment Day 2019
Wall Magazine released at Department of Chemistry, NEHU, Shillong

W.E.D-2015            W.E.D-2016            W.E.D-2017            W.E.D-2019

The books referred to in the article above are embedded in the table at

A view of the Wall Magazine at NEHU, Chemistry- Photo image Courtesy;Shrestha

World Environment Day 2019 events at SYNOD COLLEGE SHILLONG

The above image displays the changes in the schedule in the pdf file below on page-4 of the embedded fearure

47th World Chemistry Congress

YOU MAY ALSO CLICK HERE and see more documentation

For Information on Travel to IUPAC2019 Venue and stay at the Venue for participation CLICK HERE  to an Events Notice

The Version of abstract iupac2019
as it stands submitted at the online submission page

For a trend setting illustration to
envisage the scope of this topic click on text-image below

The image uploaded with Abstract (as in left) is displayed below

Abstract accepted for Podter Presentation at IUPAC2019
Abstract for IUPAC2019 with linked references

IUPAC2019-Invitation Letter

Registration Confirmed

IUPAC2019 : An - ebooklet- of POSTER #530
Flip-through link
For a glimpse of the lay-out of the 16 sheets at POSTER SITE CLICK HERE
For Information on Travel to IUPAC2019 Venue and stay at the Venue for participation CLICK HERE  to an Events Notice

BELOW ARE MY POSTINGS OF 12th JULY 2019 after the return from PARIS IUPAC2019

The Photograph above was taken at the IUPAC2019 Poster venue
by Dr.Jasha of SAIF, NEHU Shillong


A "Selfie" Photograph In front of Poster on display

As on 17th July 2019 the black patch was an active hyperlink to download the Certificate of Attendance Link: Link Location
More related correspondences in the subdiectory (link below)
Video at CDG Airport on 10th July 2019
Click on link above to view the video movie of 45 secs.
File information for above onedrive cloud video file:

As on 4th August 2019, the ABSTRACT BOOK button in the above embedded pdf file has been an active hotlink to download the Abstract book of 52MB size and of 3566 pages