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Emeritus at
Department of Chemistry - NEHU
Mobile Phone: +91 9862053872

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Copy of final draft of manuscript of Paper and  a pdf copy of the Paper
Published in Indian Journal of Physics,Vol.79(9), p 985-989 (2005)
CMDAYS 2011, Gauhati University, Aug 24-26,2011

WMBS-I at NEHU , Shillong, 2010
WMBS-II at MZU , Aizawl, 2012

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An update included: on S.W.A.Y.A.M initiative: (Web Page of March 2018)-- online learning QM course
added on Sunday, 19th April 2020

Web Page on Drawing Fullerene and Calculations on Fullerene (of Aug.2019)--Fullerene-dipole moment -[web page soon after IUPAC2019 event-Paris] added on 22nd April 2020.

An update with NPTEL/IIT Bombay feature of Video Lectures on
A Course on NMR Spectroscopy for chemists and Biologists (60 Lactures) --
by Prof.Ashutosh Kumar and Prof. Ramakrishna V. hosur

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